Fly Butterfly, Fly! There's a Man Named Herve Who Turns it On! Crushing Ice Cubes! The Waterbed from 1985!
Fly Butterfly, Fly Josh Funk's character comes of age through the metaphor of metamorphosis in the show My Hair is Better Than Yours! With music by Andrew Melton and backup dancing by Shulie Cowen, Derek Miller and Norm Thoeming. There's a Man Named Herve An image conscious father, Norm Thoeming, tries to explain confidence to his son, Josh Funk, through the world of Miniature Golf. All music, lyrics and dancing were improvised on the spot by Norm Thoeming, Josh Funk, Andrew Melton, Derek Miller, Hilary Rowe and Shulie Cowen. From the show My Hair is Better Than Yours! Crushing Ice Cubes The Opening number from the show Crushing Ice Cubes! Featuring Joshua Funk, Norm Thoeming, Nyima Funk, Hilary Rowe & Shulie Cowen with music by Allen Simpson. The Waterbed from 1985! Scene from The Waterbed from 1985! Featuring Derek Miller, Norm Thoeming and the music of Jonathon Green.
Opening Night Promo Video Never Get Touched Bad Touch from Teacups and Tickles  
What We Do A quick summary of how we get our show started! Never Get Touched Norm Thoeming and Shane Nickerson are picked up by a stranger - Derek Miller in the show My Black Flip Flops! Bad Touch Scene from Teacups and Tickles! Joshua Funk and Hilary Rowe and the music of Michael Pollock."